Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?


As someone who knows and understands that all-important bottom line,  I'll start with the most frequently asked question.  The cost is negotiable depending on regularity of work and complexity of requirements up to a maximum of NZD45.00 per hour or part thereof.  Because every job is different and the calculators and reports are customised, you will be given an estimate of how long it should take prior to commencing the job.  A simple FOB calculator for air and seafreight may only take a couple of hours but an ex works one with different service providers from multiple origins could take considerably longer.  The length of time to produce a dashboard report would depend on how many graphs and charts are required to adequately analyse the data and how the data is presented.

Are you able to make the calculator into an online programme?


The simple answer to that question is, no.  I once went through the expensive and exhaustive process of attempting to do this.  After seeing an IP lawyer I spent months trying to teach computer geeks how the freight costing process works, and ended up with only a very basic one-size-fits-all model.  I eventually abandoned the idea.  Like the difference in buying a dress off the rack or having one tailor-made to fit, unless you have very standard requirements, there are usually variables in freight that just don't fit the mould!  It is however, possible to embed elements of a customised Excel Calculator into a website which is accessed using specified user names and passwords. 

Click here to see and use a generic sample. 

Once I've had a calculator made, can I update it myself?


Yes.  You can alter the rates and surcharges yourself as and when they occur.  The only reason it may need to come back for amendment is if you needed more origins or destinations adding or deleting or if a charge that was previously on a 'per shipment basis' changes to per kilogram for example.

We are putting our freight out to tender.  Can you design a tool that compares the cost for us?


Yes.  It makes it easier if the providers participating in the tender follow the same structure so I can put together a template for you to use for this purpose.  Even without a standardised template, I can still do a cost comparison tool for you so that you know who is the most economical.

Can you use our corporate colours and put our logo on the calculator ?


Absolutely.  I'll use your website and/or promotional. material to give it a look and feel that is consistant with your corporate image or that of your client.  This applies to both calculators and dashboard reports.



Claire was delightful and hopefully, I didn’t take up too much of her time. I thanked her for the outstanding job and for making my life soooo much easier.

Sherry Smith

Director of Business Development

Retail Edge Academy, USA

To: Claire Brown
Subject:  S&T Calculator

Cheers Claire, cracking job !!!! Looks fantastic, thanks for spotting our error and doing it so quickly.
Seems less like an excel sheet now…nice one !

To: Claire Brown

Subject:  Airfreight Calculator

Many thanks Claire, really good job ! :)
Customer now wants to add LCL and FCL for comparison.

To: Claire Brown
Subject: RE: Proposed new reporting

Great work to date!  Contract completed.- sign off by 15th January.  Customer understands this is a continuous work in progress wants to work closely with you to complete the dashboard set up.  Customer comment below:

WOW!! Looks great and a vast improvement on our previous reporting.

To: Claire Brown
Subject: Re: Quote templates

Thanks for the forms – works a treat.

These quoting tools should make my life a lot easier!

To: Claire Brown

Subject: Re: KPI report

Presented the dashboard report to the customer yesterday.  They absolutely loved it 👍👍

To: Claire Brown

Subject: Generic Freight Calculator

Approved my end Claire

Using this calculator helped secure a 100K GP client and will support our pitch in future

Hi Claire

Still in awe of the CI Calculator , thanks again. 

To: Claire Brown

Subject: Re: FW: Freight calculator in excel

Hi Claire

The Kahn Designs spreadsheet looks great. I will test it out and let you know if we need any modifications.  Excellent work.

Airfreight Product Manager
Rohlig London