Interactive Example of an Import Freight Calculator

I've found myself with time on my hands over the past couple of months so have spent it working on something I've been trying to do for ages - upload an interactive Excel sheet to a website. I still need to figure out some code to get the width right but I'm nearly there! The below interactive snapshot view gives a good idea of how the Calculator screen works and what it looks like.

Go ahead and test it by selecting a different username from the list beside 'Choose User'. The passwords are:

ABC Imports: Abc-123

QRS Imports: Qrs-456

XYZ Imports: Xyz-789

Press ENTER after typing in the password to update the report. Then select or enter the following details:

· Select your Origin

· The destination on this example is set permanently to Auckland

· Enter weight and measurement

· Select Incoterms, Container Type and enter the number of Containers.

· You can also alter the the Rates of Exchange.

Press enter and the transit time and total cost will appear.

*Note that the rates used in this example are fictitious.

This is a work in progress for me and still needs some fine-tuning. I'm hoping to upload an interactive dashboard example soon.

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